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Images Frozen In Time is the brain child of Khrishna Cobb who specializes in creative expression through a variety of photo media applications. Though Khrishna executes a variety of photo job assignments including weddings, portraits, sports and special events, she is involved in much more.

Khrishna is first and foremost an artist and the scope of her photography projects include photo gallery eBooks, theme exhibitions, photography adventures, graphic photo novels, blog and YouTube vlog episodes, product reviews and howto’s.

The agency is not limited in the scope of photography provided. A brief review of our galleries illustrates samples of the type of coverage provided.

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A former professional model, Khrishna’s creative background in front of the camera has contributed to her career behind it. Originally crafting her work in the age of film, paper and darkroom work, today she is fully digital with her photography and post-production.

Khrishna also has a writing background and this aspect of her talents is also included in her photography by way of the creation of photographic novels. That is, telling a story with photos and words to drive an audiences’ imagination and an appetite for story drama.


Andre works as Khrishna’s on-site photography assistant and 2nd shooter as well as the in-studio production manager. Andre also works in post production, web and graphic design for the agency, including audio-video editing.

Andre has an associate arts degree from the Art Institute of Atlanta and 17 years experience in the field of graphic design and production. Andre is also Khrishna’s husband.

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My Daily Thoughts eBook

In recent years, Khrishna’s photography has flourished from her many photo adventures and public events to commission works and private exhibitions. This has inspired combining some of those images together with thought provoking quotes and statements from the famous and the unknown.

(click  picture to left to read or download this courtesy e-book as a gift from Images Frozen In Time Photography)

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